A promising project from newcomers to the industry, constant

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A promising project from newcomers to the industry, constant

Beitragvon Frankfoolf » Sa 14. Sep 2019, 05:03

Reviews of the game THE UNCLEARNESS from other forums:

1. “The Unclearness” is a new generation game! I bought it recently and did not regret it at all. One of the best games of its genre. Entangled and interesting plot. Atmospheric locations, charismatic heroes and a sea of ??diverse emotions! This game will not leave you indifferent! Rather, buy on steam or Orphic games!

2. UNCLEARNESS is awesome. I haven’t met any games with such a well-built plot and pleasant dialogues for a long time. Game designers have done some kind of miracle. You always feel that you should play like this, that you do everything right. And from this you get even more pleasure. The story is generally beyond praise. Themes for reflection are extremely interesting and very unobtrusively presented. True, only one of them is fully disclosed, but more is not required.

3. The game is very cool and atmospheric, I play with pleasure and continue to follow the project. I wish the game community to grow, the game develops, and the developers are not lazy. What you need for a great Noir? Two guys with brains, Orphic Games, the desire to create a game for people, not for profit THE UNCLEARNESS.

Download THE UNCLEARNESS: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102 ... CLEARNESS/
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